Friday, November 23 at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo

11月23日(金・祝) 東京、新宿ロフト

新宿ロフトで行われたTHOGO FEST 2018に出演しました!

We played at THOGO  FEST 2018 at Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo.


Here is Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku, Tokyo. The famous old music club Shinjuku Loft is in the basement of this building.

ビルの前の様子。The view in front of the building.


I’ve heard that more than 100 musicians will play today. I expected significant congestion at the dressing room and we’ve already wore our stage costumes and loded in. Took a pic with an Enka Singer Seiji Miyoshi. He wore a gorgeous stage costume.


Next pic with Komadori Shimai sisters. They are legendary twins of Japanese Enka duo. They are almost 80 years old and keep singing more than 60 years. They were friendly and nice ladies.


With the organizer of this festival, THOGO. Thanks for inviting us!


Beautiful flower gifts at the entrance.


I prepared our merch table and got ready for the show. I felt time flies quickly. There were so many audience.

Live pic by Atsushi



I made a “best hit” set for the 30 minutes show. We could have great time with our audience. There were many people who saw us first time. It became a good opportunity to share our music.


The drummer from a band Otogivanashi, Keisuke came to see us. Thanks a lot!