Sunday, November 25 live at THREE, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo


It was the first day of the event ‘Space Adventure’ which is organized by Shonen Knife. We loaded in to the venue ‘THREE’ in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. We’ve ever played at ‘BASEMENT BAR’, the next-door club of ‘THREE’ in 2013, 2014 etc but it was the frist time for us to play at ‘THREE’.


The handrail of the stairs is artistic.


This is the stage. The shape is triangle.



‘Team papalion’ came to help our show today. They helped us the day before at Shinjuku LOFT, too.

Three people from the left on the back row are the band ‘papalion’. A woman on the right on the back row is Mami Saito who is an illustrator.

After I set the stage and the merch table, we went to eat dinner to the neighbours. What did I eat? Ah, I ate Tenshin-han which is Japanese-Chinese style egg rice bowl. I forgot to take a picture. Then our show started.

Live pics by Atsushi


We played 60 minutes set plus encore including old songs and new songs. Our audience looked happy and I’m very honored.

ライブ終了後に、本日のゲスト「Magic Drums & Love」の皆さんと記念撮影。「マジドラ」可愛くて素敵なバンドです。ベースの田代くん(右端)にはブッキング等お世話になりました。ありがとう。

We took a picture with the front act ‘Magic Drums & Love’ after show. They are a cute and nice band. The bassist Tashiro worked for this booking. Thanks a lot!


We got beautiful flowers. Thank you so much!


Izakaya, Hikari-no Mori catered at the venue. They gave us some food. I ate these after show before go to bed. Everything was so delicious. Thanks!