Fri. January 18, 2019 Travel Day

2019年1月18日(金)移動日 大阪から東京へ。

Travel Day from Osaka to Tokyo


We rehearsed at a studio in Osaka from 11am to 14pm on the deaprture day. Atsuko, Risa and I rehearsed at the first half and Atsuko and Naru swiched for the last half. Because we will have 2 shows in one day tomorrow. Naru play the bass for the first one and Atsuko plays for the last one. After the rehearsa, we drove to Tokyo.


This is Okazaki Service Area which is a rest area in Aichi prefecture along Shin-Tomei highway. I remember that we often take a rest here when we go to Tokyo. It’s a nice one. They sell delicious local foods like  Uirou, Nagoya-style confectionary, or Tebasaki, Nagoya-style chicken wing.


Becoming dusk…


Aoi Crest of Tokugawa!


Then we took a rest around Shizuoka prefecture and ate dinner. I orderd Yamakake-soba, ground yam on soba noodles. In Kansai area where I live, it usually served as Zaru-soba style which is soba noodles and a little amount of thick sauce and ground yam. But in Kanto area, it is served in full bowl of soup. It’s hard to eat all of yam because ground yam is melting in soup. If I would like to eat all of yam , I have to drink all of soup and get thirsty. Anyway, we arrived at Tokyo and went to bed.