Sat. January 19, 2019 Roppongi VARIT



We can see Tokyo Tower from Roppongi.


Today’s venue. VARIT, Roppongi.



We had 2 shows in one day. I said that two shows in one day was just like shows at “Billboard Live” which is a music club in Tokyo and Osaka. Naru said it was just like “Yoshimoto-Shinkigeki” which is a comedy theater in Osaka. Anyway, the tickets are sold out. I’m happy.

Naru plays the bass at the first stage in daytime and Atsuko will be at the night stage. We prepared totally different set llists.


Today’s front act Mowmowlulugyaban did sound check. They started sound check from around 8 am. Their music is funky that is rare for Japanese. Cool!


After young girl’s “idol” groups, Mowmowlulugyaban played. The drummer took off his shirt.


Then we Shonen Knife played. We had Naru as a bassist for the first show. She made a set list. I usually take 4, 5 days to make a set list but she replied very quickly after I asked her to make it. Good!


Atsuko joined as a vocalist at the enocre. We had very good time with cheerful audience and took a picture with Mowmowlulugyaban. Everybody did great job! Risa and I have one more show and have to keep concentration.


Convenience store’s foods are so useful. I ate an boiled egg, a tuna flavor rice ball, or a bowl of salad on fried noodles. We had rest and went back to the venue.


Car dealer in the neighbors of the venue. Roppongi-ish.


Getting dark and Tokyo Tower was lighten up.





The second stage started and the audience were so excited. Atsuko made the set list. It is totally different from the first stage but a cool set. Pretty good. Naru joined at the encore and played “air-guitar” which is pretend like playing the guitar.

Neat Beats played before us. Wearing suits and played well with funny talk. We took a picture together.

Two shows in one day was so stressful for me but I was very happy because the audience enjoyed so much.

I ate something from our friends and foods from convenience store for dinner and went to bed quickly.