Sat. 23 February 2019 Fandango, Osaka


我々少年ナイフは、2月に入って大阪にて新作「Sweet Candy Power」のレコーディングを開始。スタジオに入ってレコーディングしてたらイエローマシンガンのかをりちゃんとたまちゃんとバッタリ会った!同じスタジオでリハーサル中なのでした。せっかくなので23日のライブ用プロモコメントビデオを撮ったよ。そして記念撮影。

We, Shonen Knife started recording for our new album “Sweet Candy Power” from February. When I was recording, Kawori and Tama from Yellow Machinegun were rehearsing at the same studio. We took a promotional video for this show and picture.


I got across the Yodo River and loaded in to Juso Fandango. Yellow Machinegun was rehearsing.


We got a cute drawing.


This is Yellow Machinegun’s merch table. They sold bracelets. Black T-shirt on the wall is a special shirt for this show. Kawori and I drew.


I drew “Racoon Cat” on the upper side. On the down side, Kawori’s drawing of a rabbit. This T-shirt is a limited issue of 40 shirts.


We got “Tokyo Pocky” from Kyoko of Yellow Machinegun. It was yum.



After sound check, we went to a soba noodles restaurant in the neighbors. I remember that Atsuko and Risa had Katsu-don, pork cutlet bowl,  last month at the same restaurant when we played the same venue. It looked yummy and I ordered this time. I usually eat noodles but I chose Katsu-don for dinner but it was heavy for my stomach. I should have noodles.

Then for Tsushimamire played as a first band. I was preparing for the show and couldn’t see their show so much but they played well with beautiful voice and grungy play.




撮影:太田智子 Pics by Tomoko Ota


Then our show time. Everybody there was excited and cheerful. Thank you for coming! Tomoko took nice pictures.


Then Yellow Machinegun played. They played hard and talked between songs very softly. It was fun.


After show, we took a picture with Tsushimamire and Yellow Machinegun. Atsuko played the bass and Naru came to see us. I love all female bands.


We also took a picture with Larry from Garlic Boys.


With the guitarist Kyoko.



All shows well done. We usually went back home right after shows but Yellow Machinegun held a party after show and we joined. Wearing Shonen Knife T-shirt, the drummer Tama proposed a toast. I could talked a lot with Tsushimamire girls and having a good time. Everybody did great job!