7th May Rehearsal Day in London UK


I wake up at 5am and wrote my blog. I had chocolate danish and a cup of instant coffee for the breakfast.


Then I changed the strings. 2 nails were gone on the pickup. There is no problem, though. I have pricked my finger with a string. Ouch! How schlep!

面白い木。There are unique trees around there.

Then all of us gathered and arranged our T-shirts with student intern Tallulah. She helped us a lot. Thank you!



We went to a Korean Japanese restaurant for lunch after a while.

I ate chicken Yaki Udon.




This photo is funny cookies at a supermarket after lunch.

We went back to the office and started to arrange T-shirts again. We had too much things to do but finished. Our tour manager Pep came to us with our equipment in a van and went to a rehearsal studio.

This is the rehearsal studio where we used last year, too.



We set all of our equipment for checking them out.

This triangle board is for raising the guitar cabinet. Handmade by a person of the equipment rental service.


This is my new kit. Yamaha amp head and Marshall cabinet. Both of these are small and light but have power.



We came to the studio around 6pm and left there at 9pm. We came back to the hotel and went to the supermarket. I bought prawn crystal rolls. Came back to the hotel and took a shower then I had one roll with wine.


I ate an icing bread. This costs only 50p. Reasonable price and tastes so good. I went to bed and travel into my dream world very quickly. It was a very very busy day.