May 16th Bi NUU, Berlin GERMANY


I had a hotel breakfast. I like European breakfast. Love cheese and bread.




Blueberry yogurt and so on.

We drove and drove and arrived at a hotel in Berlin but we had to wait 40 minutes at the lobby. Because there were something wrong for reservations.

After 40 minutes, we could finally check in the room but our room is on the 5th floor (Japan and US 5th. UK and EU 4th floor) and there was no lift (elevator). What was worse, there was no towels in the room.


Passing through this place, we delayed an hour and arrived at the venue.

会場のBi NUU到着。ここって2010年にライブしに来た会場かも知れない。その時の会場名は、Katoやった。りつこさんがブログに入り口の写真をあげてはる。


Arrived at BiNUU. I remember that I’ve ever played here before. It may be in 2010. The name of the venue at that time was Kato. Ritsuko upload the photo in her blog.

Our agent Jack joined with us from London.


Inside of the venue.


A big mirror ball.


After soundcheck and setting the merch stand, we had dinner at an Asian restaurant near by with Jack and his friend.


In western countries, miso soup is served first and after finished it, main dish will be served. Since In a Japanese, I would like to eat both at the same time.


It was lucky that there was a good restaurant near by.


Went back to the venue and got ready for the show. A photographer came to take our portrait and show time. Wow, so busy.

Photos and video by Pep




It was a capital city and we had great good crowd. The audience looked happy all through our show. I was very honoured.

We came back to the hotel and went up to the 5th floor using steps. Towels were sat on the beds. Three of us shared a 3 bed room and went to bed.

Today’s beer: Carlsberg (no photo)