Jun 2 Travel Day From Nimes, France To Kraków, Poland


Terrible day!


Good morning! We left Nimes in France and went to Lyon-Saint Exupery airport. And then we flew to Kraków in Poland. It usually takes 2 hours and 15 minuets drive to Lyon from Nimes. But it was super traffic jam the day! We drove 4 hours and half to get the airport. We missed our flight…


We tried to find another flight. We could book evening flight.


Mentally tired!

有り余る時間を空港内で過ごし、ご飯食べたり買い物したりしました。でも30分あったら余裕で全部見て回れる大きさの空港でした。(^ ^)

We spent lots time at the airport. Eating and shopping. The airport is not big, so 30 minuets was enough to look around.


Risa ordered a cup of cocoa.  But it came two those, She paid double. (>_<)


Our flight was not direct flight. We had to transit at Munich. The flight was delayed. Can we get our connecting flight?


When we got Munich, we ran and ran! The gate was so far. After we got off the airplane, took bus and shuttle. Risa was screaming! If I had not played tennis, I wouldn’t run so much.



We arrived at the Kraków late at night. It was short layover time. We could get on the airplane but our luggage couldn’t. Where was my bass~?  Naoko filled out a form at a counter. They will send our luggage to the hotel.

Our promoter, Ula was waiting for us. Thank you so much! She is so pretty that I felt refreshed. ( lol )


Everyone got own room. I could sleep wide bed! Good night!