July 7,712 Day Party 2019 Nagoya


The day after Tokyo show, we drove to Nagoya from Tokyo. We had lunch at Shizuoka driver’s rest cafe area. I ate Shirasu Don which is boiled young anchovies on rice. Yum.

昼過ぎ名古屋着。会場の池下UPSET 入り。いつものように、搬入して、グッズコーナー設営。そして、サウンドチェック。

We arrived at Nagoya in the afternoon and loaded in at Club UPSET, Ikeshita. We set up the merch stall and soundcheck.



When we were at the dressing room after soundcheck, Taiyow from the Genbakuonannies visited us. He had his show but would be staying at our show until his show time. Good to see him! Cool!

I had a pastry and went on stage.


We could have good audience. Everyone in Nagoya was friendly and powerful. “Candy” call was happening, too. Thank you so much!


Atsuko and Risa ate sweets after show. Crème brûlée?!


After loading out, we drove to a convenience store to get some foods. I bought Inari Sushi,


Wrap Chicken and Vegetable sticks and ate in our van.


Fantastic half moon.


We came home and ate various precious delicious foods.

Fish cake

Fish cake


Eel from Nagoya is the best! Yum!



Our 20th anniversary 712 Day Party Japan Tour finished successfully. How was our set list including 6 new songs? I’m happy if you like it. I thank to people who came to our show. Thank you very much with lots of love. See you again soon!

UK tour next! Our world tour will be continued!