July 16 The Cookie, Leicester


Got up in the morning, I went to a supermarket near by and bought a pack of Tuna Roll.


I ate one of those.

昼過ぎロンドンを出発し、レスターの会場The Cookie へ。中心街のお店が並ぶエリアにある。

Left the hotel in the afternoon and off to the venue The Cookie in Leicester. It is at the centre area of the town where there are many shoppers.


The venue is in the basement. We arrived early and went to the town.


Many places were under construction.


A shopping mall close to the venue. I’m sure I’ve been here before.


At a general store. Theresa May’s doll is rare but discounted. Because she retired…


I had a cup of coffee. It’s M size but big. It contains 500 ml?!


We went back to the venue when the load in time.


The street in front of the venue was under construction. It was hard to load in because we could not park our van in front of the venue.


Our poster is on the wall.


The first day of the tour is always very busy for sort the merch or check the equipment. Not only taking long for sorting merch, but Atsuko’s bass got a trouble when we started to soundcheck. Its’ sound were gone. Pep took his tool box and repaired it. What a Superman! Superpep! The sound man at the venue also borrow a bass from his friend for us. It was so helpful. Thanks a lot!


Bar at the venue.


Decoration on the wall.


Merch stall which we arranged for the first day.


Somehow, we finished to prepare for the show and went for dinner to a pub nearby.


This is a pub which related with the venue. We choose a dish from a band menu.


I choose tuna and cheese open sandwich.


We came back to the venue after dinner, our band name was sat on the signboard.

そしてショータイム。 初日だったけど、日本の712デーツアーからの続きだったので、みんなのグルーヴが出来上がってて、いい感じに演奏できたのではないでしょうか。

Then show time!

It was the first day of this tour but our groove was ready because we played 712 Day Party Japan tour only a week before.


The show was packed by energetic audience. When Risa’s main vocal song started, her voice didn’t come out. The cable of microphone was broken. I sang the main vocal in place of her in a hurry. After the song, the broken cable was changed.


The air conditioner was very weak. It was very hot and humid during the show. Not only at the stage but the audience must very hot. Sorry about that.

Photos by Pep.


The height was the stage was low. Pep said that he couldn’t took photos well.


Anyway, the first day of the tour finished safely.


I got a cute bear wearing hand made clothes from our fan. Thank you very much!