July 16 LEICESTER, The Cookie


UK tour starts! I flew to London.


I used Virgin Atlantic Airways this time.

機内音楽リストに大好きなレッドクロスがあったよ!このアルバム「Third Eye 」の中に”Shonen Knife “っていうタイトルのカッコいい曲が入ってます!

Wow, I found Redd Kross in the music list. The song it’s called “Shonen Knife “is in their ‘Third Eye’ album. It is cool song!


I was listening to the music and watching punk documentary. I could see Naoko and Risa at Heathrow Airport.


After checked in the hotel, we went out for dinner. I came back to the hotel and changed my bass strings. Took a shower and went to bed around 11pm.

July 16th


Next morning. We checked our tour goods at booking agent Jack’s office. We loaded gears into the van and left for Leicester. I bought tuna sushi rolls for lunch and ate those in the van.

今日の会場、THE COOKIE 。

Today’s venue, THE COOKIE.


The street was under construction. So we couldn’t park in front of the venue. We had carry gears…  Also the stage was underground.


Risa was posing. Cute!


Naoko was ready for sound check.

サウンドチェックを始めようと思ったら大事件勃発!ベースの音が出ない‼︎ どうなってるんだ⁈ペップ兄貴が工具箱を車から取り出して、断線してたのを直してくれました!頼りになります!

I had a big problem with my bass! Something wrong!  There’s no sound! What’s happened! Our tour manager, Pep reconnected wires and repaired my bass! Thanks!!!


We finished sound check and had dinner at a pub.


The first show in UK tour was always busy. But everything went well even with my bass problem. It was Rock night! Thank you!!!

Thank you Leicester Rock City!

I want to come back again!