July 18 The Underworld, London


I found an estate office called Peppiatt which is the same name with our tour manager Pep. He said that it is a rare name.

会場のThe Underworld 到着。ここで、確か1992年ごろライブしたぞ。1991年にNirvana のサポートで、初めての英国ツアーして、その直後に単独ライブしたような記憶がある。我々のエージェントのジャックは、そのライブを見にきてたそう。

Arrived at the venue The Underworld. I’m sure that Shonen Knife played here around 1992. Our first UK tour was in November 1991 with Nirvana and we came back to the UK the next year. I remember that we had our headlining show at that year. Our agent Jack said that he was at the show.


Since then, the inside of the venue was renewed.


During our sound check, Pep sat up our merch stall. It was so helpful.


After that, we went out for dinner around half past five. I’ve heard that there are many restaurants around Park Way and went there.


Camden Town station is on the other side of the street from the venue. The location of the venue is very convenient.


We walked to Park Way but most of all restaurant open from 6pm. We spent 30 minutes to go to supermarket around there. There were two cute dogs outside of the supermarket. Just the owner appeared.


We went to a Japanese restaurant. I ordered Tenzaru-soba. Deep fried shrimps and vegetables and soba noodles.



Atsuko and Risa

After dinner, Atsuko and Risa came back to the venue. I went to a coffee shop and had a cup of coffee there.


When I came back to the venue, Janice from a record label Damnably came to see us. I was very happy to see her after a year. We took a photo with her.


Then the first support band started.


And the second support band started.



It was our super great agent Jack’s birthday. Happy Birthday Jack. And took a photo together.

After that the audience came into the venue from the bar. Then show time!

Photo by Jack

満員のお客さん、皆さん大変ノリが良く、Sweet Candy Power でのキャンディーコールや、My Independent Country では、Oiコールも飛び出して嬉しい驚き!ライブに来てくれたみなさん、ありがとう!

There were so many audience. Everyone was very cheerful. “Candy!”call was happening at “Sweet Candy Power” song. “Oi”call happened during “My Independent Country”. I was surprised and happy about that. Thank you for coming to our show!



With Tallulah who is an intern at Jack’s office (left). The girl on the right is her twin sister. She helped merch selling. She did very good job. Thank you so much!


Today’s poster.


Took a photo with a support band. They are from Germany. Nice guys!


Went back to the hotel room and went to bed.