July 25, Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth


Drive from London to Portsmouth. Heat wave was coming. It was so hot and humid but there is no air conditioner in our hotel. The highest temperature of today is 39℃! It’s almost the same temperature with your body temperature when you get flu. It said that there are only a few days which has very hot temperature in the UK and air conditioners aren’t necessary. I can’t stand it!


Hairy cat looks steamed.


I rode in our van and ate chocolate croissant from a supermarket near by as my breakfast.


Arrived at the venue. It looks a major venue.


Schedule of the venue.

ポスター Poster

会場内部。Inside of the venue.

ステージを横から見たところ。From the side of the stage.

サウンドブース。Sound booth.

グッズコーナーも広々。Our merch stand has enough space.


Our promotional video on a digital signage. What a face!

サウンドチェックも終了し、夕食へ。After soundcheck, we went to dinner.

ネットで探した近所のタイ料理店へ。To a Thai restaurant nearby which I searched through internet.

パッシ―ユー Pad See Ew

たまご焼き飯 Egg Fried Rice


Chicken Cashew Nuts. It was a little thick and salty but tasted good.

みんなで食べた。Eating all together.


On the way back to the venue. A statue of Buddha.

またまた仏像。好きねぇ。There was a statue of Buddha again. It seems popular.

Live Photo by Pep



Then show time! It looks major. lol

Thank you for coming to our show! I was happy to see lots of people.


He sketched us during our show. So good.


Took a photo with support acts. Everyone did great job!