July 29, Travel Day from London to Osaka



We went to Heathrow airport at 10am by a taxi.We dropped off the taxi at Terminal 5. Risa and I stay here and taking a tram, Atsuko went to Terminal 3 for her flight to Los Angels by herself. She did hard work and I see her again at our North American Tour starts from August 23rd.


At a store in the airport. This bear is on sale.


After check in, Risa and I went to have lunch. It took very long for serving but these are not warm.


Risa ordered chicken cutlet curry. Curry sauce was a little different than we imagined.


I wanted to eat more and bought eda-mame at other place. I ate them on a bench. I was eating and eating. I may be a weird person.


Boarding Time! We took the direct flight from London to Osaka-Kansai. Direct flight is easy for us. Flight time is 12 hours. The seats were packed. It was not so crowded from Osaka to London, though.


The first flight meal. Pasta was soft and sauce are not enough. Cheese and crackers were so tasty. After a few hours, during the sleeping time, chocolate ice cream on a stick was served. It was very chilly and when I bite it, a piece of chocolate fell down on my clothes. My parka got dirty. Because it was dark and I couldn’t see well. Anyway, it was very tasty. I love ice cream.


The second flight meal. Creme omelette. Thick sauce and creamy. Yum!


Our airplane landed on Osaka-Kansai airport safely. After I went back home, I did laundry twice and went to bed at night without jet lag. I got cold during the tour but basically I’m fine.