August 21, Travel day from Osaka to Los Angeles


Tour schedule


Team “departing from Osaka”, Risa and I.


North American Tour 2019 has started!

Total dates are 48 days. It’s very long for us. We used American Airlines from Osaka-Itami airport this time. The airport is smaller than the number of travelers and was crowded. After check in, we went to eat lunch at south wing because our closest shoppers at North wing was under construction. I had seasoned boiled mackerel. Yum.


We didn’t have enough time and ate it quickly. Then we went to the gate through the security. 50 min flight to Tokyo-Haneda.


Arrived at Haneda with a little delay and took a free shuttle from the domestic terminal to the international. Our names were called when we walked to the gate and rushed to the counter. Our flight was delayed a bit. I told my name to the counter and they changed our boarding passes from economy seats to premium economy seats. They said nothing about the reason. Was overbooking happening or?

羽田。Tokyo Haneda airport.



A little delayed but we could depart Haneda safely. Regular economy seats are 10 seats in the same row but ours were 8. Amenities were provided. Flight meal was served in pottery wear but plastic.

1回目機内食。The first flight meal.

席はアップグレードされたものの、私の席の液晶画面がずーっとloading のままで動かなかった。乗務員さんに10回言って10回リセットしてもらったけど最後まで映らないまま。退屈〜。寝るしか無い?!

My seat was upgraded but my screen was out of order. It says “loading ” all through the flight. I told to flight attendants 10 times to reset it but the machine didn’t work. So boring. I had no choice but sleep?!


My screen was loading all through the flight.


The second meal was fried noodles.


Landing at LAX a little earlier than the schedule and using slope ramp, we went to the terminal by bus.


We arrived at not Tom Bradley International Terminal but Terminal 4. There were retro drawings on the walk way.

その後、Uber のアプリを1年ぶりに立ち上げて、Uber タクシーに乗車し、あつこ宅へ。ちなみにLyft のアプリはエラーが出て使えなかった。

After that, I opened Uber application first time after a year, we took a ride to Atsuko’s house. I couldn’t open Lyft.


Arrived at Atsuko’s house safely and I sorted my luggage. Ate Tanin-don served by her for lunch, sort my luggage again. She made tomato sauce penne for us for dinner. Then went to bed.