August 23 Bootleg Theater, Los Angeles CA


Got up around 8:30. Had a breakfast at Atsuko’s.


Kenny and Jake pick us up at 10:30 went to A studio in Hollywood. Streets and freeways in Los Angeles are always crowded.

New Music Buzzという番組のビデオインタビューを受けた。

We got an video interview for New Music Buzz.


Signboard is cute.


Took a picture with the interviewer.


Then came back to Atsuko’s and had lunch. Each member’s had each dish like curry and rice from yesterday. I had penne pasta from the day before yesterday with tons of cheese topping.

夕方ケニーとジェイクが迎えに来てくれて、本日の会場Bootleg Theaterへ。ここ数年毎回お世話になっている会場。

Kenny and Jake took us to the venue Bootleg Theater in the afternoon. We play here once a year for these few years.


The dressing room was upgraded this time and I was so happy! Very comfortable.


Our poster on the wall.



Our merch girl is Kira who joined our tour first time.

There was a very lon queue until the wall in front of the merch booth. Atsuko joined for help and they were so busy. Thank you for everyone who bought our goods.

新作シャツ、白の漢字Tシャツは、わたしの手描きデザインだよ!おしゃれなツアーシャツや、新色Sweet Candy Power Tシャツもあるよ!

We made new T-shirts. White Kanji T is drawn by myself. We have cool tour T and new colors of Sweet Candy Power T, too!

Bootleg Theater 恒例のフォトブースでの写真撮影しました。

We took pictures at the photo booth as annual.




We went out to get food.

あつことわたしはTaco Bell、りさちゃんときらちゃんはTommy’s Burger.

Atsuko and I went to Taco Bell, Risa and Kira went to Tommy’s burger.


I ate this at our dressing room. It was yummy with sour cream sauce.


Our show was packed with many audience. We needed to change a bass cable in middle of the set but could play very well with cheerful friendly audience.


After show, I took a picture of a gentleman’s cool T-shirt which was printed by himself.


Loading out, came back to Atsuko’s, drank beer and went to bed.