August 24 Soda Bar, San Diego CA


Coffee and bread for breakfast at Atsuko’s.

ケニーとジェイクが11時半ごろ迎えに来て、1996年に我々のアルバムBrand New Knife をプロデュースしたBruce Robbに会いに、彼のスタジオ、チェロキースタジオへ。スタジオは、新しい場所に移転したて。

Kenny and Jake picked us up around 11:30 and we went to see Bruce Robb who produced our album Brand New Knife in 1996 at Cherokee Studio. His studio Cherokee was just moved to a new place.


I saw him first time after 23 years! He looked the same. His has his hair a little shorter, though.

Bruceは、その昔兄弟バンド、The Robbsをやってて、キーボードプレイヤーなのです。左の手を挙げてる人。

Bruce was a keyboard player of his brothers’ band The Robb’s. The person on the left who raise his hand.


After that, we drove to San Diego. We had lunch at a Mexican on the way for lunch.


I ordered regular taco and cheese taco. How to eat?!


There were two taco shells and I covered beef and cheese with them and ate.


We avoided traffic jam and drove in the desert but along the coast.


But anyway it took 4 hours to get to a hotel in San Diego. I soaked some rice.

会場へ行き、搬入、そしてサウンドチェック。写真は今回ツアーの前半を一緒に回るMe Like Beesのサウンドチェック様子。

We loaded in to the venue and did sound check. This picture is Me Like Bees is doing sound check. They support us for the first half of this tour.


Setting up our March table.

一通り作業を終えて、晩御飯は近隣のChurch Chickenへ。

After finished our task, we went to get some food to Church Chicken in the neighborhood.


We took away food and went back to dressing room. Picture is the venue.


At the dressing room,


I ate coleslaw and fried okura.

楽屋。at the dressing room


Today’s drum head art. I drew this.


Today’s show was SOLD OUT! Yay! Thank you for coming to our show! The atmosphere at the venue was so happy.

手作りのSweet Candy Powerコスチュームの緑バージョンTシャツを着て来てくださった方、ありがとう!

There was a gentleman who were wearing his handmade T-shirt which was our costumes of green version. Thank you!


Using a microwave, I made rice balls after I came back to the hotel room.


I made four and ate others.


I had some beer and went to bed.