August 28 Gold Field Trading Post, Sacramento CA


I got up in the morning and ate some cookies with a cup of coffee in my hotel room.

Driving through this kind of place,



We arrived in Sacramento and went to an Asian Japanese restaurant for lunch. I ordered Karaage chicken. It’s a little different from Japanese Karaage. Japanese one is used chicken thigh. But this is Brest. And the size of one piece is not so small in Japan.


We checked in the hotel and went to the venue.


We played here last year, too.


There are many animal heads on the wall. I uploaded many pictures on my blog and you can see them.

楽屋にソルドアウトしたライブのポスターとみられるものが飾ってあった。わたしの好きなHigh on Fireや、

There were posters of sold out show were decorated on the wall in the dressing room. This is one of my favorite band High on Fire’s and

Melvins’ poster. Steve McDonald from Redd Kross is in the middle. He plays the bass for Melvins.

Melvinsのポスターも。Redd KrossのSteve McDonaldが真ん中に写っています。彼は、Melvinsでもベースを弾いてるね。


We drew “Drum Head Art” at the dressing room. This is mine. The theme is piggy girls.

This is Atsuko’s. Capybara.

This is Risa’s. Kimono girl.


Risa and our merch girl Kira played shooting game at the venue after soundcheck.


I went out to look for my food for dinner.


There are many pictures of mural paintings around here.


Kira is stand by now.


I bought a donut and madeleine at Seven Eleven and ate it in the dressing room with coffee which I put a stick of instant coffee in a bottled water. Then show time!


So many kind and warm hearted audience came to see our show and clap their hands along us and said “Candy!” With us. Thanks a lot! See you again!