August 30 El Corazon, Seattle WA


Got up in the morning and I had bread from yesterday and a cup of coffee. The bread was sold as “milk bread” but it was rather white chocolate than milk but yum.


Risa and crew arrived at the hotel on 3:15pm. Thank you for long drive. We depart the hotel at 3:30pm and went to the venue. This is the town of Seattle.


Arrived at the venue. It is the first time to play here.


Load in and setting the stage.

こちらはバー。Bar here.


YAMAHA THR100H アンプヘッド活躍中。

YAMAHA THR100H amphead is working well.


We had an video interview after soundcheck. Took a picture with the interviewer.

Risa drew Drumhead Art at our dressing room.


その後、会場から徒歩数分のところにあるnana’s green teaへ。日本の抹茶スイーツとお食事のお店。大阪でもたまに、ここのパフェ食べます。

Then we walked to “nana’s green tea” which is a Japanese green tea sweets and dishes. I sometimes eat this cafe’s green tea parfait.


I want to eat parfait but won’t eat during the tour for my health.


I had Torisoboro-Don which is seasoned ground chicken bowl to go. I ate half and took with me the leftover. It was yummy! I ate an egg after a week or so. I love eggs.


Went back to the dressing room and made Drumhead Art.


Risa’s. りさちゃんの。

あつこの。みんなそれぞれ個性が出るね。Atsuko ‘s. Everyone has their own character.


Ready to Rock!

Live pic by Kenny.


Our show went very well with cheerful, friendly audience. Thank you for coming to our show!

今日のサポートバンドとして演奏してくれた、Ichi Bichi のReikoさんと。

With Reiko from today’s support band Ichi Bichi.

ライブの後、Ikina Sushi という、シアトルのお寿司屋さんの方から、差し入れして頂いた!メンバーみんな腹ペコだったので、パクパク頂きました。とっても美味しかった!ご馳走さま!グッズコーナー担当きらちゃんとも分け分けした。

We got beautiful sushi from Ikina Sushi in Seattle after show. All of the members were hungry after show, we ate them a lot. They were delicious! We shared them with our merch lady Kira, too.


We got pin badges of Zelda. It might be popular here.


Thanks Seattle! Portland tomorrow!