September 1 Travel Day from Portland OR to Denver CO


From Portland to Denver. Risa chose driving. Atsuko and I chose self paying air flight. Risa and crew drove to Idaho. I don’t like long driving. I can’t sleep in a car.


In the morning, our crew wanted to leave the hotel early and everyone left the hotel on 8am. They drop Atsuko and I at the airport which is very close to the hotel. The show yesterday was started 11pm. It was very late. We came back to the hotel at 2am. I could not sleep well at night because of coffee and I had to sort my luggage for flight. I went to bed around 5:30am. I had red beans bread and coffee in the morning with sleepy eyes. This sweet red beans bread tasted a little different from Japanese one. Sweet red beans was like a kind of paste and the bread was a little sticky.


Souvenir shop at the airport.


そして、私たちは空港で約3時間おみやげ物屋さんを見たり、ゲーム、ポケ森やCradle of Empires やって時間つぶしをした。

We arrived at the airport after a few minutes drive. Risa and crew toward to Idaho. Have safe drive!

Atsuko and I had to killed 3 hours and went to see souvenir shops, did smart phone games like Animal Crossing or Cradle of Empires.

空港内。At the airport.

オレゴンTシャツ。Oregon T-shirts.

地ビール。Local beer.

さて、搭乗。On board!


There was stain of nail enamel on a seat.


We took a LCC flight, Frontier air. It took 3 hours from Sacramento to Denver. Drinks were charged other than water. Small suits case also charge fee. I know this system and took rice balls and bread with me.


Inland of America. Flat huge land.


We arrived at Denver. We lost an hour of time difference. There were Native American goods at souvenir shop.


We went to application taxi pick up place at the airport and took Uber to a hotel. On the way to the hotel, there was nothing but brown grass.


I ate food which I brought with me at the hotel room. Then Atsuko and I walked to Seven Eleven in the neighbors by walk and bought beer and something. I got sleep when I drank half cup of beer. It was 8pm. I wake up around 10pm and am writing my blog. I have to sleep more.