Sep 1, 2 Travel Day ~ Day Off Denver,CO


September 1st. Naoko and I flew from Portland to Denver, CO. Risa and crew drive to Denver. I couldn’t go sleep last night because I had a coffee. I slept less than an hour and left the hotel 8am.


I slept in a airplane.


Our airplane has ‘Walrus’!

いろんな動物いっぱい〜♪ ラッコも?

Another one has Sea otter.


Arrived at the Denver airport.


I called Uber and went to a hotel. It has one hour time difference. When we got the hotel, it was around 5:40pm. We used microwave to cook pasta and ate. I couldn’t keep waking up. I was so sleepy. I went to bed 8pm. Good night!



September 2nd. Good morning! I waked up in the middle of the night but slept again. I felt much better today! I went to the breakfast room and made scrambled egg and potatoes sandwich.


At first, we did laundry. I washed stage costume, too. Feels good!!


I called Uber and went to a premium outlet mall. There was no other place to go near the hotel. It was 97℉. Hot!


I was getting hungry. I ate Philly cheese steak.


It was Labor Day Monday. The kids were playing in the playground.

スタバで休憩。直子はナンシー。私はアンジー。(笑)  コーヒーはデカフェで。

I drank decaf coffee. Sometimes I say my name is “Angie”.


We walked to the Walmart and did some shopping. I called Uber and went back to the hotel.


I saw beautiful Rocky Mountains. America is huge!


I took a bath and went to bed. Good night!