September 8 Travel Day from Buffalo NY to Columbus OH

11時過ぎにホテルを出て、我々のアルバムを出してもらっているGood Charamel Records のみよこさんとランチ。

Left the hotel after 11am and had lunch with Miyoko from our label Good Charamel Records.


From right to left, stage manager Jake, Miyoko, Me (looks tired), Atsuko, Kira, Risa and tour manager Kenny on the front.


I had shrimp cream penne. Yum. Seasoning powder on shrimps were a bit salty spicy though.


I wrote my blog about that I bought a tinned tuna but forgot to bring can opener with me. Miyoko saw it and brought can opener and tuna for me. So kind! Thanks a lot!


We drove about 5 hours. Some rain somewhere.


Just before 6pm, we arrived at Tensuke market in Columbus Ohio. A Japanese bakery Belle’s Bread was closing in 10 They sold looked delicious breads and cakes.minutes, I rushed to buy some bread.


I went to the Japanese supermarket Tensuke Market on the other side. This was opening until night.


The image of “Japan” was on the wall.


This is the Japanese mall. I wish this mall would exist at every town in the US.


Display at the market.


I bought these. These prices are more than two times as much in Japan but it needs import tax and transport fee.


I bought these bread. Japanese bread tastes good.


テレビで、US Open Tennisの決勝戦見ながら、ビール飲みながら、ロールパン、いなり寿司2個を食べた。炭水化物攻撃。


I shared a piece of Mont Blanc cake with Atsuko.It was a little different from Japanese one but tasted great.

Watching US Open tennis final match on TV, I had beer, 2 pieces of Inari-Sushi and a bread. All carbohydrates!

The match was Nadal versus Medvedev. Medvedev played well but the King Nadal was super strong. I’m a fan of Nadal and I was happy he won. Columbus show tomorrow!