September 9 Rumba Cafe, Columbus OH


Getting up in the morning and had a cup of coffee from the lobby and pastry from the Japanese bakery. Pastry tasted so good!

昼頃ホテルを出て、オハイオのNPR つまりNational Public Radio ラジオネットワークのWCBE90.5FMにて、スタジオセッションしに行った。

We left the hotel around noon and drove to NPR station WCBE90.5FM for radio session.


We appeared this station last year, too.


Retro cute microphone.


Loaded in and soundcheck.


The view from the studio.


We took a picture before the session.

いよいよ本番!Sweet Candy PowerとRiding on the RocketとButtercup (I’m a Super Girl)の三曲を、DJのマギーさんとのおしゃべりをはさみながらの演奏。

Waited a moment and it’s time to play! Chatting in between songs with DJ Maggie, we played Sweet Candy Power, Riding on the Rocket and Buttercup (I’m a Super Girl).


Our session finished safely. After that, I read a long script for gathering donation to the radio station. Because NPR is non profit. The script was long but I could finish quickly.

あつこのチューナーのACアダプターが壊れたので、ラジオセッションしてる間にJakeにギターセンターまで買いに行ってもらった。車が帰ってくるのを待っているところ。間もなくJake が戻って、一旦ホテルに帰還。

Jake drove to Guitar Center during our session to buy an AC adapter for Atsuko’s tuner because it was broken. We were waiting him and our van. He drove back in a while and we came back to the hotel.


I had curry and rice for lunch in my hotel room. I reheated retort curry and rice which I steamed this morning. It was so yummy. This was vegetable curry. I can’t find retort beef curry here. Is there a rule for import?

電子レンジでお米を炊くお釜、ちびくろちゃんを洗うのはこれ。激落ちのマイクロスポンジベロア。洗剤なしで汚れを落とす事が出来て便利。最近は、あまり売ってるところ見たことない。ネットで探して買ってるけどね 。

This is a sponge for washing microwave steamed rice cooker, “Chibikuro-Chan”. It’s called “Geki-Ochi micro sponge velour”. You can wash dishes without using detergent. I don’t see this at stores so much recently. I search to buy it through internet.


Loaded in the venue. This Rumba Cafe was a venue which we played last year, too.


4 boxes of T-shirts were added at Buffalo and all of us folded them.

Sweet Candy Power Tシャツ等各種取り揃えております。

We sell Sweet Candy Power T-shirts and some different ones.


We drew “Drumhead Art” after soundcheck in the dressing room. Mine is “Tanuki-neko, Ponta with parfait”.


This is Risa’s “Kimono Girl”.


It was a little difficult to go out from the dressing room to outside because of the structure. I made tuna sandwich using food with me and ate in the dressing room.


Then show time! Audience here was very cheerful and friendly. I got energy from them and was having fun.

Live pics by Kira


Thank you for coming to our show!


I usually can’t use drink tickets if I get them because had no tome. I really wanted to use drink tickets and have delicious cocktails today. I ordered Salty Dog at the bar.

2杯目はMe Like Bees のLukeがおいしそうなのを飲んでたので、同じのを注文。桃みたいな味だった。ヴォーカリスト同士乾杯と言うて、乾杯した。

The second one was the same one with Luke from Me Like Bees. It seemed that he was drinking looks delicious cocktail. It tasted like peach. Two vocalist drunk a toast.


After that, Atsuko was joined “drink alcohol neat” with these people including bartenders. I’ve heard that she drunk Tequila neat.


We got football chocolate. Thanks!


I had Cheerios from breakfast diner in the hotel this morning after we came back to the hotel and went to bed. Cleveland OH tomorrow!