September 15 Empire Control Room, Austin TX


Left the hotel at 11am. It’s very warm. Stopped at a poké and Japanese crápe place on the way to Houston.


Kira had a crépe for meal. She said that the shell was a little sweet. It says “Japanese crépe” but it is a bit different.


Other guys ordered first but Atsuko and I thought it was necessary to keep a table first and sitting at a table first. But during that, the queue of order was getting long. I thought I should join the queue now and wait for order. A guy was asking about order to a clerk and it took very long. The clerk could not deal him well and it took 15 minutes to take his order. The system of order wasn’t organized. I had no time to eat in. I ate it in the van.


“Oh, boy.” Beam!!!


We usually have long drive. I write my blogs or answer email interviews in the van. Bluetooth keyboard is very useful.


Dropping off our luggage at a hotel and drove to the venue. There are many music clubs around here. We played at a venue on the others side.

搬入。Load in.



Today’s opening act Peelander Yellow appeared.


A food truck “Papa Kuma” is opened at the back yard of the venue. It sells Takoyaki-pancake, Okonomiyaki-pancake and Yakisoba-sandwich.

パパ熊さんのお店。Papa Kuma


Outside of the venue. Canal.


Atsuko and I went to eat dinner at Daruma Ramen by 3 minutes walk. I always come here when we play around here. I came here 2 years ago.

店内。Inside of the restaurant.


I had Hiyashi-Chuka. It was yum!


Risa’s dinner was Takoyaki-pancake from Papa Kuma.


Peelander Yellow has started. He called “Come closer!”.


Talking and floating,


Then he played only one song. It was a good song and I wanted to listen others songs. The drummer was playing well.

その後Me Like Beesがいぶし銀のステージをして、いよいよ我々の出番。

After that, Me like Bees played well. Finally our turn!


Screen on the back wall was interesting.

Live pics by Kira


I saw audience’s smiley faces. They had more smily faces at the end of the show and I was very happy to see them. Thank you for coming to our show!


Loading out and went back to the hotel.


There was a swimming pool outside. I wanted to swim but had no time! Good night.