September 20 City Winery, Washington DC


Checked out the hotel at 11am, we went to Guitar Center in Richmond. Each one bought bass cables or drum sticks. After that, we bought a fan for stage at CVS. Because one fan of the three was broken. Kenny noticed that he left his credit card somewhere when he paid at a cashier. He found that he left it at the Guitar Center and went to get it. Driving more and filled fuel.


Tons of squashed insects were on the car window. Kenny cleaned up.

しばらく走って、昼食は、Cracker Barrelへ。

Driving more and had lunch at Cracker Barrel.


Souvenir market was at the entrance.


Let’s eat.


I had rainbow trout sauté. I was hungry and ate very quickly but I was still hungry.


Wow, Obelisk!


Then we arrived at the venue. Loaded in from a back door. This is like “Billboard Live” in Japan which has table and people enjoy a show with dinner. I had no time to take a picture of the building. Sound check and went to a dressing room.


Mosquito incense was burnt and I felt like Japanese summer. There were lots of mosquitoes. It may welling up mosquitoes somewhere. I protected by peppermint oil but I had some bites. Big poster was sat and we autographed on it.


I saw many school buses from the dressing room window.


I drew Drumhead Art. This is Tanuki-neko Ponta-kun.


This is Risa’s. A girl.


Dinner was from the venue kitchen. “Risotto” and sweet potato on the side. Risotto was different than I imagined. It was made by wheats.


There was a billiard board at the side room.


Show time! It was our one-man show. We played a little longer set.

Live pics by Kira


I saw some families and children seemed enjoyed our show with dancing. The audience can come forward and dance or staying at the table and enjoy the show. It was a pleasant atmosphere. Thank you so much for coming to our show!


I was hungry after l came back to the hotel and made cup Udon noodles and ate it, then went to bed.