September 23 Travel Day from Paramus NJ to Watertown NY


We packed our merch goods other than that of taking with us to Canada in one carton box at the hotel lobby and drove to a post office. We sent it to a hotel in the US after Canadian dates. We need to pay tax for every merch which we bring into Canada even if they sold everything or not.


Then we dropped at a bank and drove to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch.


I ate spring rolls Vermicelli. I always order Vermicelli when I go to Vietnamese restaurants in these days. Vermicelli noodles were too much boiled but spring rolls were good.


We took a toilet break at a gas station. A woman who seems like an Amish lady was selling vegetables.


Coming up to north and the leaves start to turning yellow.


Suddenly hard rain was falling and the view was very bad.


We passed through under the rain clouds soon.


Live bait was sold at the next gas station. There must be fishing spots.


We arrived just before 8pm. Risa and Kira went to a coin laundry by Kenny’s drive and had dinner at a McDonald’s. I poured retort curry over rice balls which Atsuko made yesterday and warmed up it in a microwave. Then I ate it. I had a bit of beer. Many beer here has low alcohol. Mostly water. I went to bed around 12:30am. Canada from tomorrow!