Sep 25 Toronto,ON Canada. HARD LUCK


Good morning!  I took two bites left over burrito for breakfast. We left the hotel at 10am and stopped at a outlet mall in somewhere for lunch. I didn’t eat because I was not hungry also I couldn’t find anything I wanted to eat. I looked around the shops. I was interested in a bag from Canadian brand, “Roots”. But I didn’t buy it.


Toilet break.  Canada!


The venue in Toronto.


Arrived at the venue. Wow it’s second floor…There’s no elevator.


After sound check, Naoko and I went dinner hunting. I ate a Filet-O-Fish in McDonald’s.

今日のサポートはWine Lips の3人。エネルギー溢れる演奏。ドラマーは女性。お揃いの赤ジャージがいいね。

Today’s support band, Wine Lips. Energetic play. Drummer is a lady. I like their outfit!


It’s our show time!


The venue was packed! The crowd was cheerful and smiling! Singing, too!! I was happy to come back to Toronto! I want to come back again!! Thank you so much!

Live photo by Kira

Wine Lips のフロントのお二人と。

With Wine Lips.


With drummer.


Our former sound man also tour manager, John came to see our show. He lives in Toronto now.


Old friends, Robin and Rebecca. He was a stage manager when Shonen Knife toured in North America in 2003, 2005 and 2007.


With old friend, Sean. He was a our sound man and tour manager since late nineties to the 2000s. He still makes good sounds.

Thank you Toronto Rock City!