September 28 Magic Bag, Ferndale MI


We left the hotel at 11am and stopped at a town called London in Ontario, Canada for lunch. It’s London but not in the UK. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant.


Everyone ordered their favorite meal.


I ate seafood fried noodles. The portion was very big.


Risa and Kira bought candies of kids’.


Border came soon. We did not need to went out from our van at the border and entered into the US safely. Then we drove a while and arrived at a hotel. We tried to check in but the clerk at the front desk said that it was overbooking. “” and “expedia” were conflicted. Oh, no! I can’t understand! Also the hotel was fully booked. In the end, Atsuko and I could use a room which has a sofa bed and a regular bed. Risa and Kira use one king size bed room. There was no shampoo and coffee maker in our room. I went down to the front desk and get shampoo.


Finally we went to the venue. It’s a big clean venue.


The floor has slope and steps. There were tables and chairs at the back for eating dinner.


Many people come to our merch table every night.


Wow! Cool project image was made. Good for Instagram?! Girls were playing with hand shades.


After soundcheck, we went to have dinner. Actually we wanted to go to a Sushi restaurant next to the venue. Because before the sound check, the person at the Sushi restaurant was sitting at the parking and they found us and asked to take a picture with them. We tried to go there but the restaurant was used for private party.


Then we went to another Sushi restaurant.


I ordered Gyoza and Agedashi-Tofu. Tofu makes me powerful.

すしカウンター。Sushi counter.


Risa ordered these.


Atsuko ordered these. Kira ordered sushi to go because she had to go back to the venue for merch.


After dinner, we went back to the venue. This is the bar at the venue.

グッズコーナー。熊ちゃん帽の方は今日のサポートバンドのThe Hooten Haller’s のグッズ販売担当者。

Merch tables. A man wearing a bear hat were selling today’s support band The Hooten Haller’s merch.


Refrigerator at the dressing room was guitar amp shape.


Show time has come! Audience were very friendly and cheerful. Thank you for coming to our show!

Live pics by Kira


We took a picture at the “Instagram Spot”.

今日のサポート、The Hooten Haller’sのメンバーと記念撮影!明日は移動日!

Took a pic with members form The Hooten Haller’s. Travel day tomorrow!