Sep 29 (sun) Drive Day to Joliet, IL


The hotel was over booked last night. The twin bedrooms was fully occupied . Naoko and I stayed sweet room. But there was one bed. I slept sofa bed. The mattress of sofa was not good shape. Anyway I could sleep.

タコタコタコタコタコスイェー! ピーランダーイエローの歌が出てくる〜

Taco Taco Taco Taco Tacos year ~! by Peelander Yellow.


After arrived at the hotel, I did laundry. I washed my costume by hand.


Naoko and I walked to Target in the rain. My shoes were soaking wet.


Cookie Monster pajamas. I think it looks good on Risa. It’s good for Halloween, too!


We went back to the hotel. I made pasta using microwave. I had wine and cheese, too. Doughnuts for tomorrow breakfast! Sweet dreams!