September 29 Travel Day from Ferndale MI to Joliet IL


I got up in the morning and ate a banana from catering. We left the hotel at 11am. I ate a rice ball which Atsuko made with bonito flakes in our van.


We took a break at a gas station.


Lots of bananas were piled up and sold. Bananas at lower place might be pressured.


Then we stopped at a Mexican restaurant.


I ate salmon tacos. Grilled salmon and mayo tasted so good!


We got an hour from Eastern Time to Central Time, arrived at a hotel. There’s an indoor swimming pool! I would like to swim today.


Entered into the hotel room and rushed to hotel guest laundry with dirty clothes. I almost used all of my clean clothes. During laundry, having some beer and I wrote my blog and played iPad game. Atsuko and I went to TARGET in 15 minutes walk after finished laundry. It was raining.

TARGET まで行く間、歩行者は1人も見かけなかった。車のみ。雨降って水たまりだらけだし、歩道もあったりなかったりで、かなり険しい道のりだった。TARGET 到着した頃には、靴がびしょ濡れだった。

I saw no one who were walking on the way to TARGET. There were cars only. The way to TARGET was hard with puddles and there were no sidewalks at some places. My shoes got wet when I arrived there.


The local popular baseball team Chicago Cubs goods were sold.


It’s a season of Halloween business.


ロックンロール!Ronnie James Dioのメロイックサイン!芝生に立てるねんて。

Rock’n’roll! Ronnie James Dino’s Meloik sign. This will be put in a lawn.


I bought some cosmetics and foods and walked back using the better route. Stopped at Dunkin’ Donuts and Atsuko and I bought three donuts for breakfast. Halloween spider donut was damaged in a bag.


I got relaxed with wine and delicious snack.


I had to eat foods with me for make my bag lighter. I boiled spaghetti and put peperoncino sauce from Japan. It was yummy. I had to eat vegetables and had powdered vegetables.

それだけでは足らず、我々のアメリカのレーベルGood Charamel Recordsのみよこさんから、昨日の宿に届けられた救援物資のミニカップ麺も頂いた。ありがとう!癒される〜。

I was still hungry. I ate a mini cup noodles from Miyoko of our American record label, Good Charamel Records. She sent “rescue foods” to yesterday’s hotel for us. Thank you so much! That cheers me a lot.



Then I made Tarako steamed rice using microwave and Chibikuro-Chan steamed rice maker. I didn’t go to the swimming pool.

The final week of our North American Tour will start from tomorrow!