October 4 Travel Day from Green Bay WI to Maumee OH

朝はGood Charamel Recordsのみよこさんからの救援物資のフリーズドライミニ雑炊を食べ、11時にホテルを出発。

I ate freeze dry rice soup from Miyoko of Good Charamel Records in the morning and left the hotel at 11am.


Along to the Lake Michigan, we drove to east. This picture was taken around Milwaukee. I wrote blog and played iPad games in the van.


Lunch break. Everyone but me went to an Asian Japanese restaurant. I went to eat to Philly Cheese Steak by myself.

パン好き。Philly Cheese Steak好き。ここのお店はモールによく出店しているCHARLY’Sより少し薄味。お店の名前、いとこ、やて。いとこで創業しはったんかな。

I like bread and Philly Cheese Steak. This restaurant serve a little lighter taste than CHARLY’S at shopping malls. Cousins may started this restaurant.


We drove through Chicago. Down town is far away.

橋の料金所。Toll at a bridge.

夕方6時ごろ給油休憩の時に、Auntie Anne’sのシナモンシュガープレッツエルを買って、車内で食す。このツアーで2回目。生地のもっちり感が好き。ツアー終盤、ここに来てアメリカンな食べ物の食べ納めになるから。

I bought Auntie Anne’s cinnamon sugar pretzel when we stopped at a transfer cafe. It was the 2nd time for me to eat it during this tour. I love the soft but crispy dough. I wanted to eat American style foods until the end of this tour.

出発から9時間あまりでMaumee のホテル着。ここは、9月6日に泊まったのと同じホテル。今日もプールで泳ぐ時間は無い。

9 hours after departure, we arrived at a hotel in Maumee. We stayed the same hotel on September 6th. I have no time to swim as the last time.



Then Atsuko and I went to a supermarket Kroger as the last time.


I brought wine and cheese again.



For use the leftover foods, I made Japanese style Tuna Spaghetti using microwave. It was delicious!

Tomorrow Pittsburgh! The tour final!