October 20 UNIBAR, Hobart Australia

本日はアデレードからホバートへ移動してのライブ。朝、みんなで3台のレンタカーに分乗して空港へ行こうと言うその時。我々はテレサが迎えに来てくれた車に先に乗って待っていた。そしたら道の真ん中でThe Fauves のアンドリューがスーツケースを広げて何か探している。車のキーがないらしい。

Today is a performance day after traveling from Adelaide to Hobart. All of us were going to go to the airport by 3 rent-a-cars. We were in a car driving by Teresa. At that time I saw Andrew from The Fauves were opening his suitcase in the middle of the sidewalk and looking for something. It seemed that he was looking for a key of the car.


It seemed that he went back to the hotel room and found the key. Anyway, we were worried but it settled down.


On the way to the airport, a dog was looking outside from a car window.

空港到着!Arrived at the airport!

チェックイン。Regurgitator、The Fauves、そして我々、3バンド全員集合。

Checking in. Regurgitate, The Fauves and Shonen Knife, 3 bands got together.

このギターの数!Wow, so many guitars!


We were on board. I had an boiled egg and bread with me.




From Adelaide to Melbourne first. I bought a donut as desert in Melbourne airport.


In Australia, it is rubbish.


Arrived at Hobart, Tasmania!


Tasmanian Devil welcomed us.


We hired a rent-a-car of Hi Ace at the airport and drove to the venue.

会場到着。タスマニア大学構内にあるのでUNI BAR。Uniとは、university のuniだと思われる。

We arrived at the venue UNI BAR which is in the campus of Tasmania University. Uni Bar’s Uni seems University’s Uni.


There was no bottled water at the dressing room. I heard that it’s because the tap water in Tasmania is good water and we had better to use it.


We had no time to do sound check today and did only line check just before the show. At the end part of our show, my vocal sound disappeared but it reconverted soon. Anyway, we could enjoy playing. Thank you for coming to the show.


After that, Regurgitator started to play.


I ate fish sandwich after show which Ken went to buy. It got cold but it was good to eat.


Today’s beer.


One of their stage costumes has illuminations. Paul was organizing their costumes. He was so busy.

この日は会場に最後まで居て、Regurgitatorと少年ナイフとでハイエースに乗ってホテルへ行き、チェックイン。そして、部屋に入って、テレビでラグビーワールドカップ の日本vs南アフリカの試合の生中継を見て、おやすみなさい。

We stayed until the end of the show on this day. Regurgitator and Shonen Knife took the Hi Ace and drove to the hotel and checked in. I watched the match of Rugby Football World Cup, Japan vs South Africa on TV. Then went to bed. Good night.