October 23 Off Day in Hobart, Tasmania Australia


I could not sleep well last night. I walk around very much yesterday, though. I played match 3 game during the night. I did not sleep until late because I wanted to keep my life rhythm. I got up at 10am and ate pastry which I bought yesterday and watermelon.


Atsuko and I went to Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. It’s entrance free.


There was a stuffed Tasmanian Devil.


There were many “Antonio Baka Guy” sea shell, too.


Furbies were displayed. “ty” the brand of stuffed animal toys which were usually sold at a gas stations in the US seems like Furby. Or they looks like Pigmon of Ultraman or Yohda.


Searching by a map, we walked to Tasmanian Botanical Gardens by walk. It took 30 minutes. We walked through military grave. It may be a little detour.

こちらも入場無料。It’s entrance free, too.



There was a Japanese Garden on the map and we went to go there. Compared with Himeji Garden in Adelaide, this garden looks more like people’s imagination of Japanese Garden in the western countries.


Not so much, huh?


On the way back. The sidewalk was on the top of the hill and the scenery was beautiful.


We went to the shopping area by 30 minutes walk and had late lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

あつこと半々した。その後、昨日と同じ中華系のベーカリーへ行き、菓子パンを買って ホテルに帰った。シャワーを浴びて、セットリストを考えたり、メールインタビューの返事を書いたり業務をして、日本から持参のチキンラーメンや、残り物を食べて就寝。明日はCanberraに移動してライブ。

I shared these with Atsuko. Then we went to the Chinese bakery which I went yesterday and bought pastries. And went back to the hotel. I took a shower, making set lists, answering for e-mail interview, I did my task and I ate instant noodles from Japan and some leftover food and went to bed. Tomorrow, Canberra show!