November 2 THE CORNER, Melbourne Australia


Got up around 10:30am, having pastry and soy latte and wrote my blog using Bluetooth keyboard. Bluetooth keyboard is so useful!


After I finished writing my blog, I went out by myself for getting some food. It was the first time to have raining in this tour. I was correct wearing Gore-Tex shoes and rain parka!


I walked to China Town. Mutton restaurant displayed stuffed sheep.


Looked sad.

中華街の門。The gate of China Town.

別の門。Other gate.


Queen Elizabeth was displayed.


Gate and gate!


I bought some pastries at a Chinese bakery.

この3点。I bought these.


I found this restaurant which had a good signboard. I decided to buy Bento Box here.


Waiting. Atsuko asked me to buy one, too.


These Bento Boxes contains various kinds of foods and heavy to carry. I went back to the hotel directly.


Opened the box and I got happy with delicious foods. Even Takoyaki pancake was contained. Yum!


We went to the venue with Ben and Pete. We played here two years ago.

会場に着いたらTHE FAUVESが演奏中。そして、我々の出番!今日もかなり盛り上がった!!!見に来てくださったお客さんに感謝!

When we arrived at the venue, The Fauves were playing. And our turn. Thanks for coming to our show!


After that, we went back to our hotel by taxi when Regurgitator show was started. We bought some foods at a supermarket on the ground floor of our hotel. Atsuko and Risa bought ice cream and are enjoying to eat in our hotel room.

買ったもの。I bought these.

買った食材でサンドイッチを作ってワイン飲んでシャワー浴びておやすみなさい。明日はLOST LANDS FESTIVAL!

I made sandwiches with foods I bought, had some wine, took a shower and went to bed. LOST LANDS FESTIVAL tomorrow!