November 3 THE LOST LANDS FESTIVAL, Werribee Australia

朝、パン食べて豆乳ラテ飲んでホテルを9時に出発。メルボルン市内から車で約50分のWerribeeで開かれたThe Lost Lands Festivalに出演した。小さい子供から大人まで楽しめる楽しいフェス。会場に入ったら巨人が居た!

Had a pastry and soy latte in the morning, we left the hotel at 9am. We played at THe Lost Lands Festival held in Werribee which is 50 minutes by car from Melbourne. It is a peaceful festival which people from little christen to adult can enjoy. There were 2 giants when we entered into the venue.


We sat up our equipment. We rent guitar cabinets and drum kit at every venue and they were also sat up. It’s so helpful.

YAMAHA THR100アンプヘッドから、キャビネット16ΩのMONOに接続。

I connected to 16Ω MONO of this cabinet from my YAMAHA THR100 amp head.


It was raining from morning.


There were many fun, cute stalls there.


We spent 2 hours there and finally our dressing room tent was opened for us around from 12:30.




Then our show time came! After sat up our equipment, we went back to the backstage once. Then went on stage.

It had been raining from morning but stopped when we went on stage. Thank you!

I don’t have any photographs but many people gathers to our stage and the reaction of the audience was so good. Especially children’s reaction were great. Everybody was dancing. I saw a little boy wearing a tiger mask or a family wearing Shonen Knife Manga T-shirts from our 2017 tour. Thank you so much!


After show, I had vodka soda from catering. 4.7% alcohol. Mostly no taste but tasty.

遅めの昼ごはんは、For late lunch,


I had anchovies pizza for lunch by catering. So good! I especially like pizza dough.


This toy at the back stage is popular in Australia.

わたしには、なかなか難しい。Difficult to play for me.


I could get relaxed after show and walked around the site.


There was a Ferris Wheel. Atsuko and I tried to ride. The fee was AU$8.-

良い眺め。Nice view!


It rounded about 5 times. Fun.

バックステージエリアにて。Regurgitatorの子供向けプロジェクトPOGOGO SHOWで使った被り物着てみた。

I tried to put this cartoon box suits which was used for Regurgitator’s POGOGO SHOW at the back stage.


We left the venue after Regurgitator’s show was finished. Arrived at the hotel around 8pm. I boiled spaghetti and put MUJI’s butter chicken curry in the room. I boiled too much spaghetti.


Atsuko and Risa bought big steak meat at a supermarket on the ground floor and broiled them. They made good stake. I went to bed earlier before they go.