November 15 THE ASTOR, Perth Australia


I had a chocolate cream puff of Beard Papa which is a Japanese confectionery. I forgot to write but I had a cram puff yesterday!

Thomas に空港まで送ってもらい、彼とはここでお別れなので、記念撮影。お世話になりました!

Thomas took us a ride to Auckland airport. We took a picture together. Thanks, Thomas!


I ate a pork dumpling at the airport. The bun was thick.


It takes 7 hours and a half from Auckland, NZ to Perth, AU by New Zealand Air. I took a nap and watched a movie. I saw “Niaido-ke Monogatari”. It was fun.


The first flight meal. Very soft mango ice cream was served.


The second one. Ham and cheese sandwich.


Arrived at Perth. Greg took a rent-a-car at the airport and picked up Quan from Melbourne, we went to the hotel. After a break in the hotel three of us had late lunch.

ホテル近くの町中。The neighbours of the hotel.


This scenery reminds me of Sannomiya, Kobe Japan.


It was very hot. Temperature was 37℃. I had cold Ramen, Hiyashi-chuka. It was so yummy.


I bought “Dojimaroll” at a Chinese bakery. The name Dojimaroll is a brand name, proper noun, of a confectionery’s cake in Osaka, Japan. Is it Okay to use the name??


After a little break, we went to the venue with Ben and Quan. We entered from the back door to the dressing room. This is the entrance.

会場側面の壁画。This is a graffiti of the side wall of the venue.


10cc or ABBA’s cover band BABBA will play here.

我々が行ったらTHE FAUVESがちょうど終わるころ。そこから慌ててセッティングして、ライブは盛り上がって無事終了。その後、Regurgitatorの出番。まずはこの映像が流れる。

When we arrived at the venue, THE FAUVES was nearly finished. We sat up in a hurry and played. Our show finished safely with cheerful audience. Then Regurgitator started to play. This movie was played at the beginning.


Once our show finished, I could get relaxes. I had a bottle of beer.


I came back to the hotel and ate Dojimaroll. It was delicious. I get fat!!!