November 16 METROPOLIS, Fremantle Australia


Meeting at 10 am at the hotel lobby, we went to a cafe by 15 minutes walk have breakfast with Paul. I heard that it’s an organic cafe.


I ate two poached eggs, two slices of bread and a cup of coffee.


Paul has been so busy during this tour and there was no time to talk with him but it was good for me to have time to talk with him.


Vegetables from farm were sold at the cafe.


Atsuko and Riss went back to the hotel room. I walked to town after breakfast.

Japanese anime shop.


This is London Court.

ヨーロッパ調。European style.


I think barbers and beauty salons usually have big windows in Australia. Why?!

ここも。This one, too.


Wow, Christmas tree was already decorated. Time flies. Christmas here is in summer.

オーストラリアではスーパーマーケットでお酒は扱うことができないので、スーパーマーケットとセットで酒屋さんがある。BWSは、いつもWoolworthのとなりにある。BWSって、Beer, Wine, Spiritsなんだけど、Beer, Wine, Sake(酒)でもええんちゃう?

Supermarkets in Australia can’t sell alcohol. That’s why liquor stores are always at next to supermarkets. BWS is at next to Woolworth. BWS means Beer, Wine, Spirits but I hope it is Beer, Wine, Sake.


I bought a coffee pastry at a Japanese tart shop Hokkaido and ate half of it. Then we left the hotel at 3:30.

PaulとGregと車に乗って約30分の海辺の町、Fremantleへ。ここはAC/DCの初代ボーカリストBon Scottの出身地。彼のお墓に連れて行ってもらった。

We had 30 minutes drive to Fremantle which is a seaside town with Paul and Greg. This is a hometown of AC/DC’s original vocalist Bon Scott. We were taken to his cemetery.


Praying for the success of our performance at AC/DC’s Highway to Hell event on 1st of March.


It was hot, shiny, dry and windy.


Then we loaded into the venue.


Artistic bicycle parking at the back of the venue.



We left our equipment at the venue. Atsuko and I went to eat dinner Stan Italian restaurant. Risa went to shoppers around the venue.


Bread and soup were included.


I ate Spaghetti Bolognese.


Around the venue.


I walked to around the harbour.


Parking of boats.


Clear water at the sea.

For Sale?いくらだろ。

Fore Sale? How much?


Beautiful sunset.


I could get relaxed at the ocean.

4年前にも来た、Bon Scott像。

I came to see the statue of Bon Scott 4 years ago.


From the side.

会場へ戻って一緒にツアーした3バンドで記念撮影。Regurgitator, THE FAUVES、そしてShonen Knife。

後列左から from left、Phlip (THE FAUVES), Andrew (THE FAUVES), Quan (Regurgitator), Timothy (THE FAUVES), Adam (THE FAUVES), Peter (Regurgitator), Ben (Regurgitator).

We took a picture together with the 3 bands who toured with after I came back to the venue.

Perth FestivalのイAC/DC トリビュートベントのオーガナイザーもお越しくださった。ありがとうございます。

The organizer of AC/DC event at Perth Festival came to see us. Thank you!


We played 30 minutes set with full power. We said goodbye to everyone and went back to the hotel by the agent Andrew’s driving. Thanks a lot for taking us to the hotel.

これにて、1か月間、オーストラリア18本、ニュージーランド3本の合計22本のライブが無事終了。見に来てくださったお客さま、Paulさんはじめ、ツアーに関わってくれたスタッフのみなさん、Regurgitator と、THE FAUVES その他バンドの皆さん、ありがとうございました!

Our one month tour, 18 shows in Australia and 3 shows in New Zealand totally 22 shows, was finished safely. I thank to people who came to see us, Paul and our agents, staffs, Regurgitator, THE FAUVES and bands who played with us.


It was my first time to go overseas so long this year. One month European tour in spring, two weeks in the UK, in the US and Canada for 7 weeks in summer and this Oceania tour for one month. Totally I was out of Japan for 4 months this year.

このあとは、Space Adventureの東京と大阪のライブが12月にあります。是非お越しくださいませ!

We have 2 shows in Japan calls “Space Adventure” tour. Please check out schedule and let’s rock together!