Yoshitomo Nara’s 60 years Birthday Show in Tokyo



Wednesday, 4th December 2019

Went back to Osaka on Monday and off to Tokyo on Wednesday.


Driving through Nagashima Spa Land from car window again.


I ate Takoyaki at Kariya Drivers Cafe. I love food made by flour. Many of people from Osaka love flour foods.


There is a big Ferris Wheel in Kariya-driver’s cafe. I’ve never took a ride of it.

その後、浜松サービスエリアにて。ヤマハの展示ルームをチェック。私が愛用のアンプヘッドYAMAHA THR100Hも展示されています。

After that, we stopped at Hamamatsu-Driver’s cafe. I checked YAMAHA show room. They display an amp head YAMAHA THR100H which I use.


Hamamatsu city has many music instruments factories. The design of this building is Piano.

車窓から、富士山がきれいに見えた。I saw a beautiful Mt. Fuji from car window.

そして、東京着!Arrived at Tokyo at night.



奈良さんとは、1998年リリースの少年ナイフのアルバムHappy Hourのアルバムジャケットを描いていただいて以来のお付き合いです。

Thursday, 5th December 2019

Show day. This event is for an artist Yoshitomo Nara’s 60 years birthday. We were provided cute red T-shirts as back stage passes.

Yoshitomo drew our album artwork of Happy Hour in 1998.

Mo’some Tonebenderの百々くんと、ドラマーの吉村ゆかさん(Metalchicks, noodlesのサポート)と記念撮影。

We took a picture with Momo from Mo’some Tonebender and Drummer Yuka from Metalchicks, support for noodles.

会場の外観。恵比寿のリキッドルーム。The venue Liquid Room in Ebisu, Tokyo.


Many fun bands played and our turn. We “ROCK”ed!

I was happy to see Yoshitomo after a long time and catering was delicious.

Thank you for watching and listening us!





Friday, 6th December, 219

The day after the show, we drove back to Osaka from Tokyo. I ordered steamed rice, miso soup, a raw egg, nori seaweed and pickles plate at Yoshinoya. Yoshinoya is beef bowl restaurant but I ordered just steamed rice. I originally like bread and noodles. I don’t know why but now I like rice, too after long overseas tours. We were touring overseas 1/3 of this year.


At the driver’s cafe of “Nagashino Shitara Gahara Parking Area”. They sell cute goods. We say Truck Stops, Drivers Cafe, Driver’s service calls ‘Service Area’ or ‘Parking Area’ in Japanese.

Family Crest of Samurai on a drink vendor. 自販機に家紋が。

戦国時代風?!Taste of Sengoku Period of Japanese history.

Displayed old items. 昔の物品の展示あり。

Wow, cool toy Katana swords.  刀の置物かわいい。

趣向を凝らしたお土産物の数々。Interesting souvenirs.


I ate “Gura Koro” burger at McDonald’s in a Driver’s cafe. It’s a white cream croquette burger and we arrived at home safely.