KISS End of the Road 2019 Japan Tour Osaka



Tuesday, December 17th 2019

I went to see KISS to Kyocera-Dome Osaka. It was the final tour to Japan. I love KISS a lot. They are my first favorite rock band of my life. Their stage costumes, stage settings, performance are of course great and I really love their music. Their shows are always very fun. They are splendid because they always make people entertain. My friend and I joined to the queue of the merch at 12:30. After 40min, I could buy their rock’n’roll T-shirts.


There were banners.

I wanted to buy everything, though.




Took a picture for my souvenir.

小雨が降ってた。It was a little raining.

Eric Singer’s autographed drum head was sold.



Wow, it’s a long tour.

Gene Simmons

Paul Stanley

And Eric and Tommy. KISS


After we bought their merch, we went to eat Indian curry in a shopping mall close to Kyocera-Dome.


After late lunch we had a cup of coffee, got relaxed and went back to the venue at 17:30.


Took a picture with a scarf towel which my friend bought. This picture was taken by her. She is a person who went to KISS’s first Japan tour with me. Being a friend for a long time.


When I was sitting on a seat at the stand, a guy found that I was a member of Shonen Knife. We took a picture together.


楽しい、楽しい。Fun, fun, fun!

楽しい、楽しい。Fun, fun, fun!

楽しい、楽しい。Fun, fun, fun!

アンコールにはX JAPANのYoshikiが登場、ピアノ弾いてドラム叩いて、してはりました。おもしろかった。

Yoshiki from X JAPAN appeared on the stage at the encore and played the piano and the drums. Fun!


The show was finished. I miss KISS show. This is their last tour of Japan but their music is eternity.