Yellow Machinegun 忘年会

Late December 2019

I joined Yellow Machinegun’s Bonenkai which is a party at the end of the year. It was held at a steak and hamburger restaurant called THE BUTCHER in Namba, Osaka. They serve good hamburgers.

2019年の暮れ、イエローマシンガンのみなさんの忘年会に参加させてもらいました。今回2年目。たいへんおいしいハンバーガーをはじめとするアメリカンなお料理のお店、難波のTHE BUTCHERにて。おいしい。おいしい。


Three members of Yellow Machinegun, Yoshié from Otoboke Beaver, Ritsuko and I as Shonen Knife got together. All three bands are all women’s bands.



Kawori the bassist of Yellow Machinegun didn’t in this photo, though. I love female rock musicians a lot. We talked very much but it was never enough.


Additional. After a few days later of the party, I made Soba noodles for the new year’s eve. I topped ground Japanese yam. We have a custom to eat Soba noodles at night of new year’s eve.