28 Feb 2020 Travel Day from Osaka to Perth, Australia

オーストラリアのパースで開かれた、パースフェスティバルの中のHighway to Hellというイベントにご招待いただきました。西オーストラリア州の州都パース市が主催の市を盛り上げるイベントです。

We were invited to “Highway to Hell” event of Perth Festival in Australia. It is held by Perth city which is the capitol city of Western Australia.



We departed from Osaka-Kansai international airport.

COVID-19 is going to start around. I don’t know wearing mask is effective or not but anyway it is useful to protect my voice from dry air in the airplane.


Due to COVID-19, there are not so many people at the airport. We actually planned to use Cathay Pacific airlines but the return flight was cancelled and we re-reserved Singapore Airlines.


We used Singapore Airlines when we toured Australia and New Zealand last autumn. We boarded after 3 months.


I bought Inari-Sushi at the deli close to the gate for my breakfast. It sometimes choke my throat but I love it.


機内食は「和風」を選択。鯖、だし巻き卵、おうどんがおいしかった。映画は、Joker, Charlie’s Angel, Jumanjiの3本を見ました。

We boarded. There were not a lot of passengers in the plane. Rather empty by COVID-19.

I chose “Japanese style” flight meal. Mackerel, Dashimaki-Egg and Udon Noodles were good. I watched 3 movies, Joker, Charlie’s Angel, Jumanji.


We transferred at Changi airport, Singapore. There was a digital art which follow the shape of my body move.

いいお天気。Nice weather.



Move from gate to gate in the airport by a tram. From the tram window.


Decoration at the airport. ‘Kitch’ taste mice are cute.

チャンギ空港から飛行機を乗り継いで、パースへ。機内食は、やきそば。おいしかった。映画は、Black Swan, Adams Family (2020 animation), Adams Family (original version)の途中まで見ました。


We transferred at Changi airport and flew to Perth. I had Chinese style fried noodles for flight meal. It was yum. I watched Black Swan, Adams Family (2020 animation), Adams Family (original version). In the middle of Adams Family, the airplane was arrived.

This flight was mostly packed. We arrived around midnight at Perth airport. A shuttle picked us and a member of a Japanese AC/DC tribute band called JP/DC and drove to each hotel. We checked in and went to bed quickly.