22 February travel day from Naha, Okinawa to Osaka


We checked out the hotel and drove to Naha airport by the rent-a-car. It was sunny. I want to stay more in Okinawa!


I ate Udon noodles at a food court in the airport. Most of all shops were closing down. Udon was good.

空港にて。沖縄たのしかった!At the airport. I had a good time in Okinawa.

ピーチ航空で関空へ。ほぼ満席。Flight to Osaka-Kansai by Peach aviation. The flight was almost full.

窓際に座った。I seated by the window.

泉南。Sennan area Osaka

関空連絡橋が近づいてきた。Came near Kanku-Renraku Bridge.


We arrived at Osaka-Kansai airport and went home safely. The day after the arrival, I made “Fu champloo” by myself. Yum!


I really enjoyed our first Okinawa show. Thank you all!