712 Day Party 2021大阪・心斎橋 CLAPPER 7月17日(土)

712 Day Party Japan Tour 2021 “CLAPPER” Osaka

Saturday 17th July 2021


I had light meal before I go to the venue. Salmon flakes rice ball and a seasoned boiled egg. By the way, I made these by myself.


会場に入ると、712 Day Party 40周年ツアー千秋楽ということで、44本の美しいバラの花束が届いていた!うれしい驚き!ありがとうございます!

We loaded in to the venue CLAPPER at Amerika-mura, Osaka which is my hometown in the afternoon.

Beautiful 44 roses of our 40th anniversary  celebration gift were there when I entered into the venue. I was surprised and so happy. Thank you so much!


These 15 live photographs were taken by our official “super” photographer Tomoko Ota.


We were so busy before the show. There was no time to take pictures for my blog and it became 17:00 of the show time in a blink. We started the show cheerfully.

Oh, yeah!


Head banging!





Thank you!

Van Halen!

Ha, ha, ha,ha!

Clap, clap, clap!

Shonen Knife Towels!



ライブは無事終了。そして、712 Day Party 2021全ツアー無事終了。見に来てくださったみなさま、いくら感謝しても感謝しきれません。本当にありがとう!

The show finished safely. All dates of 40th anniversary of 712 Day Party  Japan tour finished successfully. Thanks so much for everyone who came to see us! I’m really happy to see you guys!

Live photos by Tomoko Ota


We got a beautiful original labeled red wine. Thank you so much! Cool!


写真、後列左から、わたしの大好きなバンド Yellow Machinegun のドラマーのたまちゃん、なるちゃん、りさちゃん、りっこちゃん。前列左から、わたくし、あつこ(妹)

We took a photo after show. Ritsuo and Naru did merch ladies. Thanks a lot! Great job!

Left to Right

Rear row: Tama from one of my favorite band Yellow Machinegun’s drummer, Naru, RIsa, Ritsuko

Front row: me, my younger sister Atsuko,


たまちゃん、ありがとう!東京では、Yellow Machinegun のギタリスト京ちゃんが来てくれていました。ありがとう!

Without masks and in silence.

Thank for coming, Tama! Kyoko, the guitarist from Yellow Machinegun came to see us in Tokyo. Thanks!

もう一丁。One more photo shoot.


Wow! We got fantastic cake! This is rather an artistic work than cake. I was so happy.


It was too beautiful and I didn’t want to eat but I ate it in one bite. It was  so delicious.


I bought Takoyaki and Yakisoba on the way home and ate it for dinner. The world of brown foods. Yum! I topped mayo on them.


We got a hearty drawing. Thank you!


Wow!! We also got a wonderful blizzard flower with “Shonen Knife 40th Anniversary” message decoration.  I will display it carefully as long as I can.




It’s our”40th Anniversary” but I can’t believe it! Is that true? But I just want to say thank you for people who congrats our anniversary. I’m really honored that so many people support us and come to see our show and listen our music. I also would like to thank to people who work with us. I’m grateful to all members who played with me.

I would appreciate your continued support to Shonen Knife.

Well, I don’t know how may more years I can continue because I’m getting “old”!

Anyway, keep on rockin’ and “Minna Tanoshiku Shonen Knife” let’s have fun!