Feb. 12, 2011 Live at Fandango, Osaka

SK played at a music event “OFF THE WALL” which is presented by “noodles” , 3 piece all female band from Tokyo.

The first band was “animanimus”.  Beautiful woman played the guitar and cute boys played the bass and the drums.  So nice.

Then we played.  This show was the first one of 2011 in Kansai area.  There were so many audience.  Even someone were from far away countries.  Thank you very much.  I used my Charbell silver guitar. It’s a kind of Les Paul style.   The sound was loud especially at “Pyramid Power” and “Antonio Baka Guy”.  All of us were ROCKed!

set list….

1. Banana Chips / 2. A Map Master / 3. Twist Barbie / 4. Perfect Freedom / 5.    Girl’s Rock / 6. Devil House / 7. BBQ Party / 8. Sushi Bar Song / 9. E. S. P. / 10. Super Group / 11. Ridding On The Rocket / 12. Pyramid Power / 13. Antonio Baka-Guy

The third band was “noodles”.  They were so cute, too and their music is so nice.

I like female rockers.

Black beer after show was so tasty.

2月12日、ヌードルス主催、Off The Wallというイベントに出場!