March 30 – April 1, 2012 Kyoto

I’ve been to Kyoto for our show.  Kyoto is a beautiful old capital of Japan.  There are lots of temples, shrines and historical buildings like an imperial palace.  They also have delicious foods.  Kyoto is famous for green tea and I ate this green tea parfait.  It was so delicious!


Then traditional Japanese dishes.  This is just a part of full-course.


At the venue, a cool guy who is our friend gave us these beautiful cake.


We ate before the show and got power.  Thanks.


Our show was on March 31st but I went to Kyoto one day before and saw around.


I found this cloud.  こんな雲みつけました。

What’s this space?  このスペースは一体なんだ?

I have no time to eat at this restaurant but some day I’d like to try to eat the giant parfait.

By the way, we played with Masatoshi Tsunematsu Group and Vampire!.  Mr. Tsunematsu is a famous Japanese-style painter, too.  Vampire! is our old friend band of mostly 30 years.  Both bands are so cool.

Our set list were having to do with these acts and we played some early songs like “Parallel Woman”, “Cycling is Fun” and “Animal Song”.  It was so fun.

Our next show will be on April 22nd at Namba Bear’s Osaka.  It’s our 30th anniversary show.  We’ll choose one song from each album and play.  It will be a maniac selection?!  See you there!


さて、この日は恒松正敏グループとVampire!と一緒にライブしました。恒松氏は日本画家としても名高いお方です。Vampire! は、少年ナイフの30年来の友達バンド。どちらも素敵なパフォーマンスでした。