September 21st, IBARAKI BAKUON FEST Osaka



We played at IBARAKI BAKUON FEST in Osaka as a main act. The mening of kanji character of “Baku” is barley which is Beer and “On” is Music. It’s a festival of Beer and Music. It was the 4th time this year for this event and it’s atmosphere was so peaceful!




Right after we arrived at the venue, a Japanese progressive rock band MIDAS started to play. The vocal & violinist of the band Mr. Uto is the organizer of this event. MIDAS is a leading band of Japanese Progressive rock scene. They played wonderful music.




The festival was held at open air. I hoped that we can have a good weather. Fortunately, the weater was typical autumn good weather. Many people enjoyed tasty beer, delicious local food and rock music. There were some people who had 20 or 30 cups of beer. Nice!

The members of Shonen Knife on the day were Naru on the bass, Risa on the drums and I. It was the 2nd time that we play together and so many Shonen Knife followers gathered from neighbors and far away. Thanks a lot!

Naru’s Rickenbacker bass sounds very thick and rock. She sang “An Angel has Come” song as a lead vocalist.

Risa improved very much from the first show. Of course she played very well at the first show but she got more loud and rock. She also sang “The Moon World” song.


Including early ’90’s rare songs, we played mostly 50 minutes. After the show we did an autograph session. Then I had 2 cups of beer and some food. Everything was so tasty. Thanks a lot!


My late night  meal: egg Benedict.