Sunday, April 28 “Kobe 078”


Passing through Tempouzan Ferris Wheel, we drove to Kobe.

神戸の三宮に到着後、リハーサルスタジオにて2時間機材チェック及び練習しました。6月5日リリースの新作「Sweet Candy Power」の曲も数曲練習したよ。そのあと、お腹が空いたので少し遅めのお昼ごはんを食べに近隣のお店へ。日替わり定食はアジフライ。アツアツでおいしかった!ごはん、小盛にしてくださいって言うたら良かった。

After the arrival to Sannomiya, Kobe, we rehearsed at a studio for 2 hours. We rehearsed some songs from our new album “Sweet Candy Power” which will be released on June 5th. After that we got hungry and had a late lunch around the studio. I ate deep fried horse mackerel. It was freshly fried and delicious. I had to order small portion of steamed rice!


I saw many people were walking toward to Kobe Kitano-cho area. It’s “Golden Week” in Japan which is 10 days national holiday in a row.



We drove a while to Meriken Park where we play today. The event is called “078 Kobe” which is promotion for Kobe city. 078 is a area code of Kobe. The venue Meriken Park is beside the Port Tower. When I see this symbolic tower of Kobe, I get feeling that I want to eat delicious sweets. I think it because Kobe is famous for its delicious cookies, cakes or chocolates.


The view from Meriken Park. Kobe Maritime Museum. The design of the building is suitable to port town Kobe.



Time flies and our show time came. There was a big screen behind our drummer Risa. How gorgeous! I was ashamed to show my big face on the screen!

There were so many audience from all over Japan and all over the world! It was a free concert and many people around there gathered in front of our stage. Thank you so much!!


Naru played the bass. Everyone was so excited and our show finished successfully. We played a new song “Party” first time from our new album.


Neat Beats and 50 Kaitenz played there, too. It was an enjoyable event.


There were a lot of food stand in Meriken Park. I had no time to buy food but I wanted to eat something!



I was happy to play at my favorite town Kobe.

After Kobe, our European Tour 2019 will start soon! It will be the first visit to continental Europe after 5 years. After 9 years for Spain and after over 25 years (!) for Italy!!! See you at our show in Europe!

2019/04/28神戸・078 MUSIC

「078 MUSIC」

大型連休の2日目、4月28日(日)にメリケンパークで開催された「078 music」に出演してきました!Sunday, April 28 live at ,Meriken Park Kobe.


会場の真隣には、神戸ポートタワー!Kobe Port Tower!


Kobe Port Tower I made with minecraft game.




ライブは、私達はメリケンパークのメインステージである”MINATO STAGE”に出演しました。夕方16時~のライブ。

Show time!

(Live pics by Tomoko Ota)


30分ステージ、全9曲を演奏しました。本日も6/5発売予定のNew album “Sweet Candy Power”より、アルバムのオープニング・トラックである「Party」という新曲を初ご披露致しました。


Thank you for coming! It was very fun to play!!



The 50kaitens.They are so cool!!!


「078 music」




Thursday, March 28th 2019 Juso Fandango, Osaka




Across the Yodo river, we arrived at Juso Fandango. The bassist for today’s show is Naru. We gathered and rehearsed at a rehearsal studio before sound check. Then we had lunch. I had chicken, tofu and vegetable tempura with sweet and sour sauce. It was heavy.



We loaded in. It was 7 days in a row event by a band from Nara prefecture, Lostage. We were invited on Thursday the 4th day.

ゲストバンドは、Mass of the Fermenting Dregsと私たちという3バンドでのイベントです。

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs and we played as guest acts.


Until sound check, we walked around the shoppers in Juso town.


Manneken Pis in Juso not in Belgium was covered by a jacket.


Very much sun burned sample of food at a cafe.

Lostage was sound checking.



I set a merchandise table.

次は私たちのサウンドチェック。こちら、私の新兵器 YAMAHA THR100H。

We did sound check. This is my new weapon, YAMAHA THR100H.


This amp head has 100W power and very light. It’s easy to carry. Power supply is universal and I can use it all over the world. It can be very useful for our world tour.


Naru uses red Rickenbacker today.


Lostage’s merch. Today’s color of the shirt is pink. Colorful!


さて、本番。最初にMass of the Fermenting Dregsが演奏して、次に私たちの出番。日本中はもちろん、海外からのお客さんも多かった。見に来てくださったみなさん、ありがとうございます!

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs opened the show and we played the next. I saw audience from all over Japan and from overseas, too. Thank you for coming to our show!


Ready to ROCK!

Pics by Atsushi


A drawing from our fan. Fun!


Then Lostage played. Hot.


I took a picture with Mr. Gomi from Lostage. He looks like an actor. I had good time and everybody did great job!