September 25th, “Nijdrop” Opwijk, Belgium

9月25日(水)「Nijdrop」  ベルギー、オプウェイク


When I woke up in the morning, I felt throat ache. After moved to Opwijk from Amsterdam, I stayed at a hotel room and took a nap for 3 hours. Then I recovered and went to the venue.


Design of table cloth was retro taste.


The venue was clean, beautiful place.


We sound checked and had dinner. Catering was chicken and tomato pasta.

ライブでROCK! (アツコ撮影)

We ROCKed at our show. Photo, taken by Atsuko

ライブの後はTシャツCD売り場でMeet & Greet。(アツコ撮影)

After show, we had Meet & Greet at a merch table.  Thanks everyone!


Belgium is famous for beer. I don’ t drink beer so much but Ritsuko and Emi love beer a lot. They looks happy to drink various kind of beer.  It’s good.