March 29, 2005

It’s the 500th anniversary of our live gig the day before yesterday. We went to the venue without our sound check as Atsuko had still fever. We came here previously at the venue in San Jose the last time. Received an ovation from the audience when I told them about the 500th anniversary. We served chocolate bars in an atmosphere of friendliness when we got an encore saying that we want to come back there at the 1000th anniversary gig.

The next day, we moved to Sacramento and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant of a hotel. Went to the venue without our sound check. Atsuko was getting better though I had a stomachache. I had it last time when I had Mexican foods although I’m ok when I had Mexican in Japan. I took many kinds of medicine and got well to finish the gig. This venue reminded me of the Bears, the venue in Nanba Osaka, because it’s small but a homey atmosphere.

And today was the last long-distance moving of this tour from Sacramento to Portland. This picture shows Sean and Robin (from right), our tour crew, who are from Toronto, Canada.