9/30 Montreal -@Pop Montreal


We passed across the border again, We got to Montreal.
It’s the 1st time for me to come.

We had a heavy rain today.
So I couldn’t took the picture so much.

出演したライブハウス”Cabaret du Mile End Pop”広いっ!!
The venue we performed was huge.

今日の夜ご飯。スタッフドピザ大好き♪ しかし大きいですヽ(´∀`)ノ
For dinner I ate a stuffed pizza I love so.
It’s so big!!

Pop Montrealという国際音楽フェスティバルの出演でした。

Todays show was a part of Pop Montreal International Festival.
Our show time was so late, it was 12:30PM, but many people came to our show.
Thank you so much!!

Love Montreal.